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Композитор: Motionless In White

Песня: .Com Pt. II

Продолжительность песни: 03:49

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Текст песни:

Your lips and skin, they taste of sin
Step 1, there's silence in your screaming
As I'm cutting out your tongue
This will be the last time that we ever play this game
Step 2, feast upon your insides
Drain the blood out from your veins
This will be the last time that you ever see my face
You've got my back against the wall
You've got my hands around your throat
I'll watch the blood drip down your mouth
You said let's dance
Begging for mercy, but nobody heard me
I so tried to stop this, but just couldn't help it
With all the air in my lungs, I will scream for you
And you can't stop me now, 'cause your already dead
The only sin in our lives is to not ever have one, so let's sin
I wont make you beg so just get down on your knees
Tell me you need me and that you're dying to please
If hell is for real then we have not much time left
We need to drain this disease from all the veins in your neck.

Motionless In White - .Com Pt. II (with lyrics)
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