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Композитор: RAVANNA

Песня: One Last Show

Продолжительность песни: 04:22

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Текст песни:

All my life
I wanna be free or die,
For me and you it's too late
To love or hate

We're all make mistakes
Which cost our freedom or death
And now we must make a choice
To die or to breath.

For our sins you have to pay
Or otherwise you have to lay.
And when you've known the price of life,
Do you wanna die, or do you wanna fight?

So I have only one question...

Who are this judges,
Who dictate the laws of life?
And who have gave them this ... right?
And when the time comes to judge them all,
And when there power and might will fall?

It doesn't matter how old you are,
Cause we are all the part of war.

I, I take a shotgun
And go to the streets
To arrange a lynch
Of all people creeds
These bullets allows
me to feel free.
justice and fire
wherever you see.

I, I want to survive,
So set me free,
Or let me die.
Now i want to survive!

My wounded heart is empty
I want to go home
This suffering prepares me
For one last show
So why my angel saves me?
I want let go.
I ask you to get ready
For one last show.

Let's Have some fun with these ... Guns and grenades
How do you like this ... It's Death blow.
Let's Have some fun
With my death,
How do you like
This ... mess?
One last show!

RAVANNA -- One Last Show
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